Horizon Guernsey

A retirement savings plan, designed to make saving easy

Horizon Guernsey has been designed to accommodate smaller contributions. It is perfect for those looking for a low-cost RATS arrangement, and for people starting their retirement planning early who don’t want to commit to large monthly contributions.


Horizon Guernsey is an affordable entry-level pension product that leaves clients the options of moving to other arrangements at a later date. For those who simply want to save, and are willing to sacrifice some flexibility in exchange for lower fees, Horizon Guernsey is a perfect solution.

Horizon Guernsey is open to anyone between 18 and 75 years of age who is a Bailiwick of Guernsey resident, including those who already have a Guernsey-based pension scheme and are looking to transfer to a RATS.


Horizon Guernsey is delivered through a designated investment platform with a specialised range of investment funds and a discretionary investment management option provided by our sister company, Gower Financial Services Limited. However, provided they use the designated investment platform, it also lets clients self-manage their investments through its Member Directed investment approach.

Horizon Guernsey can accept transfers from other Guernsey pension arrangements, together with regular and ad-hoc contributions. The Plan does not offer a loan facility. Clients looking for this feature should refer to our Horizon Choice Pension Plan.

If you are interested in investing via non‑standard assets please revert to our Bespoke offering for further details.

To apply for a Horizon Guernsey Pension Plan download the application or enquire online

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Horizon Guernsey FAQs

At what age can benefits be taken from a pension?

This will normally be defined in the deed based around the parameters of the scheme's approval/acceptance/exemption.

  • Section 157A & 150: From age 50 (unless ill health would apply) and normally the latest being age 75 (or as the law may allow and as may be amended). Some Section 150 Corporate schemes may stipulate a later retirement age, perhaps in line with a contract of employment.

  • QROPS: From age 55 with no defined upper age in law, though from age 75 a benefit calculation must have taken place.

  • Section 40ee: There is discretion on the retirement age of the member which will normally be agreed on establishment but then that may be altered at a later date if agreed between the member and the Trustee.