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Vision Bespoke
Vision Bespoke Overview

Vision Bespoke International Retirement Savings Plans (Vision Bespoke) are retirement annuity trust schemes etablished by way of trust deed and designed to facilitate flexible retirement saving in a more tailored approach for an individual or employer.

Compared to Guernsey approved schemes these schemes generally offer greater flexibility with regard to investment options, asset classes and when benefit is taken. Vision Bespoke Plans are not subject to the same restrictions as approved Guernsey retirement annuity trust schemes.

These schemes operate under section 40ee of Guernsey Income Tax Law (as amended) and are open to non‑Guernsey residents. The retirement age is not defined by Law and these parameters are normally agreed by the applicant and the Trustee prior to establishment.

Depending on your individual circumstances then a retirement savings plan vehicle may meet your requirements. These plans may also meet the requirements for companies and their international employees, particular when they are overseas.

At Gower Pensions Management we recommend that an individual seeks appropriate professional advice prior to establishing their pension solution to ensure of its appropriateness for their purposes.

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