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Vision International Pension Plan (VIPP) is a multi‑member retirement annuity trust scheme established by way of trust deed and designed to facilitate flexible retirement saving.

The scheme operates under section 40ee of Guernsey Income Tax Law (as amended) and is open to non‑Guernsey residents. The retirement age is not defined by Law and these parameters are normally agreed by the applicant and the Trustee prior to establishment.

The scheme is designed to facilitate both smaller regular contributions and ad‑hoc lump sum transfers / contributions. (Recommended minimum of £500 per month regular contributions or if one off lump sum £15,000.) 

Investment management is provided by either self selection from the plans fund range or a Discretionary Investment Manager option via a pooled investment approach.

As a multi‑member scheme with one master Trust Deed, a “Member‘s Fund” is established for each “Member” and is segregated from other Members’ assets and held for the benefit of the designated Member only.

Compared to Guernsey approved schemes these schemes generally offer greater flexibility in particular when benefit is taken. VIPP is not subject to the same restrictions as other approved Guernsey retirement annuity trust schemes.

VIPP is open to anyone over 18 years of age excluding Bailiwick of Guernsey and Jersey residents; and US or Canadian Nationals.

The VIPP may also meet the requirements for companies and their international employees in providing retirement savings platform.

Gower Pensions Management Limited (GPML) often work alongside financial and professional advisers. GPML does not offer advice whether financial, investment, legal or tax advice. Applicants are recommended to obtain appropriate advice (tax, investment, legal and financial) prior to proceeding with a retirement savings solution to ensure of its appropriateness for their purposes.

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