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Who can join this scheme?

The Horizon QNUPS are open to anyone over 18 years (excluding Jersey residents; US & Canadian Nationals) and has no maximum age limit.

What is the maximum or minimum contribution I can make?

There is no maximum limit on transfers/contributions into a QNUPS. 

While there is technically no lower limit, the running costs of a QNUPS mean transfers/contributions of less than £100,000 are unlikely to be viable.

How can benefits be taken?

While there is flexibility about how benefits are taken, the Trustees will look to ensure that benefits are drawn to ensure a supplementary pension is provided throughout a member’s life.

At what age can benefits be taken from the Horizon QNUPS?

There can be considerable flexibility in terms of the timing in taking benefits from the plan. A member of a Horizon QNUPS may take benefits from age 55, with some benefits commencing by age 75 at the latest (or as the law as amended may allow).

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