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Horizon Choice Pension Plan
Key Features


  • Pre – Approved RATS under section 157A of Income Tax Law allowing tax relief on contributions. Tax relief / allowances will be in line with Guernsey Income Tax parameters.
  • Able to receive transfers from other Guernsey approved schemes.
  • Able to receive regular and ad‑hoc contributions.
  • No limit on additional contributions and/or transfers in.
  • Clear & transparent fee approach where you pay only for the choices you make. Third party expenditure excluded.
  • Investment Choice (through a flexible investment structure):
  • Option to nominate your own investment manager.
  • Standard asset classes available; normally via Discretionary Investment Manager or investment platforms / insurance wrappers.
  • Non‑standard asset classes: restricted to member loans (subject to conditions).
  • Assets held in a scheme grow free of taxation ‑ except for any withholding taxes
  • No requirement to purchase an insurance company annuity.
  • Flexibility on how and when to draw benefits (in line with Guernsey Income Tax parameters).
  • Discretion over distribution of residual fund upon death of member.


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