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Horizon Guernsey
Investment Strategy

All members admitted to the Horizon Guernsey Pension Plan are offered a choice of investment funds. You can either choose from these investments yourself or utilise the Plan’s appointed discretionary investment manager.

It is your responsibility to elect how much of your contributions are invested in each fund. Further details of the investment funds available will be provided prior to joining the Plan. Up to date Fund Fact Sheets are also available online* through the login facility which will be provided to you upon entry to the Plan.

If you do not want the responsibility for the selection of your investments and would prefer to select the discretionary investment management option (which includes a life styling investment option) then by doing so you have elected to outsource the investment management and monitoring of performance to Gower Financial Services Limited.


*Portfolio Information Online:

Further information on the investment strategies will be available online. Contact us for link. 

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