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Horizon Guernsey
Key Features

  • Low cost pension scheme
  • Able to facilitate individual and/or employer contributions
  • A Guernsey approved retirement annuity trust scheme allowing tax relief on contributions under both 157A & 150 of Guernsey Income Tax Law (as amended)
  • Able to receive transfers from other Guernsey approved pensions.
  • Investment Choice:
    • Self Select from a variety of fund managers (over 150 funds)
    • access to a Discretionary Investment Manager which includes a life styling investment option
  • Independent Risk Profiling service linked to portfolio management
  • Online Access & Trading
    • View valuations
    • View Contributions history
    • Fund Fact Sheet links
    • Trade/Switching (Self‑Select Option only)
  • No requirement to purchase an insurance company annuity
  • Discretion over distribution of residual fund upon death of member
  • Flexibility on drawing benefits within Guernsey scheme approval parameters
  • Assets held in a the plan grow free of taxation – except for any withholding taxes
  • Clear plan charging structure

Details particular to Corporate Schemes:

Some corporate schemes may wish to include particular qualifying periods or defined parameters for their employees whilst in employment such as:

  • Defined period for employee eligibility for joining the scheme;
  • Defined period for minimum employment service before benefits may be taken / transferred;
  • Defined minimum normal retirement age for the scheme in line with the company policy before benefits may commence whilst the member is still under the employment of the company.


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