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Horizon Guernsey

Trust Set up Fee


Trust Annual Administration Fee

0.25% of assets plus £100.00 Annual. Note collected direct from the Plan’s assets, monthly in advance. 

Platform Annual Fee

0.40% of assets. Payable to Zurich International by way of unit deduction collected monthly from your Plan.

Discretionary investment management (optional)

Annual management charge of 0.75% of scheme assets. This is payable to Gower Financial Services Limited and is in‑addition to any underlying fund charges.

Transfer of Scheme Administration / Termination

£200.00 upon exiting the Plan due to a transfer to another Trustee or the termination of the Plan.

Special Request Fees

The Trustees reserve the right to charge for exceptional items or work undertaken at the Member’s request. 

Additional information

For full details of all fees and charges please refer to the enrolment form.

Fee Sharing: GPML reserves the right to share its fee with any third party, including the introducers of new business, at its sole discretion.

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