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Horizon QROPS Gibraltar (HIPP Equus / HGIB)

This multi‑member scheme is accepted by HMRC as a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme or more commonly known as QROPS and therefore is able to accept UK registered pension transfers. This is a Gibraltar QROPS (The Equus Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme) with a Gibraltar Trustee and international clients (i.e. both residents and non‑Gibraltar residents) may benefit from this QROPS accepted scheme to consolidate their pensions.

The scheme is designed to facilitate UK pension transfers with recommended establishment in the region of £75,000 or more (values lower than this are at our discretion. The scheme can also be used to make supplementary pension provisions for anyone wanting to add to their existing pension arrangements. Investment options are flexible with most standard asset classes being accepted normally via investment platforms or insurance wrappers (see investment strategy for further details).

In addition, it is able to act as a retirement vehicle for individuals who may have exceeded their tax relief on contributions (See Benefit Payments for further details).

As a multi‑member scheme with one master Trust Deed, a “Member‘s Fund” is established for each “Member” and is segregated from other Members’ assets and held for the benefit of the designated Member only.

The HIPP Equus / HGIB QROPS is open to anyone over 18 years of age (excluding Jersey residents; US or Canadian Nationals).

Administration is provided by Gower Pensions Management Limited (GPML) who often work alongside financial and professional advisers. GPML does not offer advice whether financial, investment, legal or tax advice. Applicants are recommended to obtain appropriate advice (tax, investment, legal and financial) prior to proceeding with a Plan.

The Trustee is Castle Trust & Management Services Limited (CTMSL).

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