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Horizon QROPS Gibraltar (HIPP Equus / HGIB)
Investment Strategy

Under the HIPP Equus / HGIB QROPS plan you may have greater discretion over investment choice compared to the majority of UK approved pension schemes.

You may nominate an investment advisor/manager of your choice or request we utilise an investment manager from one of the numerous existing relationships held. These investment managers / investment advisers cover a wide range of asset classes and risk profiles.

Through this flexible investment structure and approach the HIPP Equus / HGIB QROPS provides for a wide‑ranging choice of investments, with the ability to invest in “Standard Asset Classes” on recognised exchanges: cash deposits, stocks, bonds, investment trusts and life policies. Normally via an investment platform or insurance wrapper. 

We have established relationships with many investment platforms which include most of the major life companies.

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