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Horizon Choice Pension Plan

The fees charged upon your membership to the Plan are governed by the services you wish us to provide. That way you are in control of the running costs of your Plan and that they reflect the work you have asked us to undertake on your behalf.


Initial Fee


Trustee Annual Management Charge (AMC)

0.75% of Assets Under Management (AUM), subject to minimum of £250 and maximum of £1,000, plus any applicable menu fees.

Menu Fees: All other administrative fees are detailed on the Horizon Choice Application Form and can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below.

Additional Notes on Fees:

Disbursements: Gower Pensions Management Limited as Trustee reserves the right to recover disbursements and out‑of‑pocket expenses, such as third party charges, direct from the Plan.

Payment of Fees & Charges: All fees will be paid directly from your fund with the Annual Management Charge typically being paid annually in advance and is non refundable. The calculation date for the Annual Management Charge will be based on the anniversary date of your membership to the Plan.

Fee Sharing: GPML reserves the right to share its fee with any third party, including the introducers of new business, at its sole discretion.

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