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Horizon Choice Pension Plan
Investment Strategy


As a member of the Horizon Choice Pension Plan you may have greater discretion over investment choice compared to the majority of UK approved pension schemes.

You may nominate an investment advisor/manager of your choice or you could request that the Trustees nominate one for you with the added comfort of knowing that due diligence between the investment advisor/manager and the trustee have already been completed.

Through flexible investment structure the Horizon Choice Pension Plan provides for a wide‑ranging choice of investments, with the ability to invest in Standard Asset Classes including: cash deposits, stocks, bonds, investment trusts and life policies. Normally via investment platform or insurance wrapper. Non‑Standard Asset Classes are restricted to member loans. 

If you wish to consider investments into private company shares; commercial and residential properties; then please consider setting up a Bespoke retirement annuity trusty scheme with us.



  • Loan not to exceed 30% of the Member’s Fund Value.
  • Interest is charged on a commercial basis and paid at least annually.
  • Security for the loan is held by the Trustee.
  • The loan must be repaid before benefits commence.

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